Feel the touch of dew

Kastee® System is a new and unique concept for sauna designed and manufacturd in Finland. Kastee® System converts both electric- and wood-burning saunas quickly and easily into spa-like steam rooms.

Kastee® System provides the versatility of a relaxing steam room while keeping the option of using your sauna in the traditional manner. Kastee® System allows for longer relaxing stays as the humidity can be adjusted to your personal level of preference. Your sauna will have two functions; traditional sauna and steam room.

Kastee® System provides a humidity that can be adjusted to your preference for relaxing warm steam. The pleasant and soft humidity allows for easy breathing and it is said that abundant humidity emulate the athmospere of an ancient smoke sauna.

Finland has a long sauna history and has proven to be the best in the design and manufacture of saunas and sauna stoves. Steam spas have a long tradition in Southern Europe. Kastee® System offers both the soothing properties of steam spas as well as the benefits of traditional saunas, both very relaxing.

Feel the Touch of Dew

The user experiences, healing properties and other benefits have been studied in different test environments for over two years. In addition, Kastee® System has launched cooperative studies with Laurea University of Applied Sciences to further these studies.

The findings from the studies already conducted on Kastee® Steam System include:


Breathing becomes easier in a Kastee® System sauna due likely to the increase in oxygen intake level. Steam inhalation is most enjoyable at temperature of 45-60C degrees.

Weight Management

As the moist and pleasant warm steam can be enjoyed longer, the energy consumption promoting weigh management is heightened and extends to the deepest muscles and tissues.


Body and mind calm down and relax. Meditation, hot yoga or Pilates can also practised efficiently in this soft humid warmth.

Blood Circulation

Moist and warm gentle steam has a positive impact on reducing blood pressure and increasing peripheral blood circulation.


This warm steam is heart friendly. Comfortable temperature, humidity and ease of breathing keep heart rate low reducing stain on the heart.


Based on the users' experiences, humid warm steam has been found to improve skin health and deep cleansing.

Some User Comments

"Wonderfully easy to breathe", "I could be here much longer", "Extremely relaxed feeling", "Like being in a spa", "Skin feels really soft", "Feels like a wood-burning sauna stove", "Time flies in hot-yoga and pilates positions"

Sauna Construction

Kastee® System is safe and healthy. All sauna makes are compatible with Kastee® System and works efficiently with both electric- and wood-burning sauna stoves. Wood-burning sauna temperature is controlled by the amount of wood used while the humidity can be adjusted to the desired level with a press of a button. Studies have shown that the sauna equipment actually benefits from the air humidity regardless of its adjusted level.

As with the traditional sauna, regular drying and ventilation will keep your Kastee® System spa in good condition.

Kastee® System - the Difference

Kastee® System is installed to sauna stoves to create pleasant and even air humidity that is enjoyable for longer periods. Traditional smoke saunas have mild temperature and moist warm steam. Kastee® does not entirely replicate their atmosphere, but still offers its soft humidity.

Modern saunas are often dry and the humidity relatively low. When water is thrown onto the sauna stove, the humidity rises suddenly as a hot wave that does not always feel pleasant and may make one feel as if it's hard to catch a breath. Kastee® adds an alternative to these hot saunas.

When using Kastee® System, there is no need to throw water onto sauna stove stones as the System automatically sprays the steam into the stove. However, if you prefer, you can still throw water onto stove stones manually.

The Kastee® System balances and improves the sauna experience. The System is completely self-adjustable, automatic and electronically driven. The System includes all requirements; tubing parts, a nozzle, control microcircuit, humidity and temperature sensors. Humidity is easily adjusted with buttons.

How Kastee® System Works

The temperature range of a traditional Finnish sauna is 70-120C degrees. Throwing water on hot sauna stove stones does not increase air humidity without the risk of burning skin. Southern European saunas are heated mostly by steam; temperature of 43-46C degrees and with air humidity close to 100%.

Kastee® System produces desirable conditions in all sauna types. Operational environment is perfect when the temperature is somewhere between those of Turkish and Finnish saunas, approximately 45-65C degrees. The humidity percentage is higher than in a traditional sauna.

The System is protected with microcircuits and a programme. Operational temperature range is 42-80C degrees. The System will not activate if the sauna is either too cold or too hot. When the temperature in the sauna rises above 85C degrees, the System shuts off for safety reasons.

The System and additional feature of 'clean-spraying' in its starting phase cleans the pipes and the nozzle.

A water nozzle, with a protective frame, is mounted into the stove's stone space to supply moisture. The water nozzle is attached to a water pipe connected to pressurized water supply. The water pipe features a controllable solenoid valve.

A hygrometer/thermometer is placed on the sauna wall constantly measuring the humidity and temperature.

A control unit for humidity adjustment is installed outside of the sauna room. The adjustment range is 0-100% of relative air humidity. The System automatically calculates the required adjustment value according to the air temperature. This information is transferred from the measuring sensor and adjustment unit into the junction box outside of the sauna.

An electronically controlled solenoid valve is mounted to the junction box. The valve controls the flow rate of the water and the spray from the nozzle.

The System keeps relative humidity level balanced. For the best result, the water nozzle must be located at the hottest section of the sauna stove according to the instructions. The water nozzle pressure is obtained from a washing machine interface or from a faucet branch. The water pipe can neatly be mounted below battens or fixed by piping.

The water nozzle unit can be mounted directly to the existing sauna stove wall and to sauna stoves during their delivery in new constructions.

Most of modern sauna stove systems have temperature controlled with thermostats and the best result can be achieved when temperature is adjusted to about 50C degrees.

Sauna Without Thermostat

Basic sauna stoves do not always have a thermostat; the joint switch is placed on the lower edge of the sauna stove. Finding the correct temperature is achieved by testing. According to the user experiences, the System produces humidity as the sauna warms up. The best result is achieved during the early stage heat. This naturally depend also on personal preferences of each user. The System shortens water dosing when the temperature rises to maintain safety.

Turkish Bath Option

The primary purpose of the System is not to create a Turkish bath with its cooler temperature with visible steam, however this is possible correct adjustments.

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